Practice Areas

 Business Litigation

Example: My client was taken to court with allegations of a dangerous product, a fire retardant uniform. Plaintiff had significant injuries. I secured a dismissal of the case and my client paid zero. 


02. Criminal Defense

Example: My client was accused of possession of a large quantity of illegal drugs. Case resolved on terms favorable to my client with no incarceration, no probation, and a $500 fine. 


03. Divorce Litigation 

Example: My client was challenging a prenuptial agreement her husband had her sign just days prior to the wedding. Although generally enforceable and valid in the State of Ohio, my client secured a property distribution and marital support well in excess of the terms of the challenged prenuptial agreement. 

04. Legal Malpractice 

Example: My client was taken advantage of by a lawyer, who was both dishonest and careless. I sued the careless lawyer and secured a settlement in excess of the malpractice policy limits. 

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Mike Callow

Mike is an active litigation attorney representing clients in criminal, civil, business, & domestic cases. 

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